US TOP MEDS - scammed me $267.00

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I ordered 30 oxycodone 80mg pills from My health insurance is gone and it was the only option for me to obtain my much needed medicine. I ordered the pills and within an hour the money was taken from my bank account.

When i recieved my package the pills were not even real..they seemed to be some substance that smelled like chlorine, not to mention i ordered 30 and they only sent me 21 and most were crushed or broken.

I have called the company more than 10 times and gathered names and extensions from all the 'employees' that i have spoken with. The people that i spoke with i could barely understand because they had such poor english. when i ask for thier names i have recieved names such as Steven, John, Adam and Leon.

Im sorry but living in India, which is thier origin of business and where the pills were sent from, names such as the above mentioned seem like they are being made up. I would NEVER advise anyone to order from this site or its affiliates unless you are looking to get your hard earned MONEY STOLEN!!! I hope the *** who took my money and his whole family dies in a fire.

People of Indian decent are just scumbags and thiefs and they are very ugly and not smart at all. I hope a HUGE natural disaster wipes the whole civilization of these rats off the earth. Thats how mad I truly am about how they scammed me and lie to me every time I call

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Allgood, Alabama, United States #266007

People of Indian descent aren't smart at all??? And how much did they scam you out of, Brainiac?

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